Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cereal...on the OTHER side of the aisle

My kids and I ran into Shop Rite on Thursday.  Our intention was to pick up the ingredients we needed for the Cat in the Hat cupcakes, a few produce items.  Silly mom thought we could get down the cereal aisle safely.  My plan was to buy a bag of the puffed wheat, it's $1.79.

Our Shop Rite has all the "earthy" cereals on one side of the aisle and the major brands, sugar cereal on the other.

We've purchased EnviroKidz Panda Puffs before, at Trader Joe's.  I knew our Shop Rite carried them, but I just never purchased them there.  L (the panda freak) wanted them.  In the cart they went.

R saw these EnviroKidz Frosted Flakes and in the cart they went.

J took a little more time looking around.  The three of them kept turning around to look behind them, seeing all the names they see on TV commercial.  I just nicely told them, let's pick from THIS side of the aisle.
John ended up with Barbara's Puffins.

He keeps calling them penguin puffs.  I've tried to explain them that the puffin is a bird.  The picture on the box is a puffin... yet, he still calls him a penguin!

While all three of these ARE gluten free.  We do not have a gluten issue in our house.  L's problem seems to be with digesting white flour.  I have YET to find any other person that has this issue, so if you know someone send them my way.  The doctors all go , "hmm" and move on.  My pediatrician thinks that I am doing a good job with the food choices I make for my kids.  Thank you!  BUT, I wish someone could tell me WHY my kid can't have the white flour.  Not that I'm complaining... they all love the whole wheat everything and don't complain.  
Back to the cereal!

I sampled all three of these:
*The panda puffs are basically Kix w/peanut butter.  A corn cereal with a peanut butter coating.   The difference is the ingredients.  Compare the two boxes, next time you are in the store. 

*While nothing tastes like Kellogg's Frosted flakes, the Amazon Flakes definitely can substitute for them.  They taste more like Kellogg's Corn Flakes, with a sweet coating.  They got the approval stamp from all 3 kids... even my husband said they were good.  He said "They not Frosted Flakes, but they are good."  

*The Puffin's are the new favorite by a landslide.  The box is almost gone.  All three kids had them for breakfast on Friday and both boys had them today.  I'm definitely adding them to our list.    
There is a coupon on the Barbara's Bakery Website.  It takes $1.00 off.  Give them a try!  There is a HUGE variety of Barbara's cereals.  

These are definitely a little pricier than the major label brands.  But I think it's worth it.  I love that I can actually read the ingredients in these cereals.  I purchase Kashi Go Crunch Lean at Costco, about every 4 weeks.  They cost approximately $9.00 for a giant box.  If I add in the $10-12 for these 3 cereals, which I would probably have to purchase every 2 weeks and the $6 for the Honey Nut Cheerios, at Costco.  I'm spending about $35 a month for cereal.  I don't think that is SO outrageous.  That is less than $10 a week.  Which if you buy 2 of the big boxes of a "sugar cereal", that's $10 right there!  They don't eat cereal everyday.  We also have waffles, pancakes, eggs, yogurt, so I could definitely stretch these boxes out.  I think my next step is going to be, finding a replacement for the Honey Nut Cheerios... I think my new BFF Barbara has a variety! ;-)  

By the way, I never did get my puffed wheat!!!!!

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