Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little background information...

This past spring, my daughter (8), started having panic attacks and complaining of severe stomach pain.  We thought the two were related.  Turns out, they weren't.  After our doctor asked us a few questions, we realized L was completely backed up and definitely not eliminating as much as she should be.  What to do?  We had to switch her diet completely... which meant, the entire family's diet got an over haul.  Out went the frozen waffles and pancakes, in came the whole wheat flour.  I started making my own waffles and pancakes and guess what... they were delicious!  The kids loved them!  Even my husband, Mr. Meat & Potato, has eaten them, and approved!  We've always been a "brown bread" type of family.  However, we ate white rice, white pasta, white flour, white flour, white flour.  We tried a bunch of different brands of whole wheat pasta, which the box tasted better than the actual macaroni.  Then came my AHA moment... those Big Brands... they are a blend, only about 50% whole wheat.  I continued my search.  I found delicious 100% whole wheat pasta at Trader Joe's. (The store that holds my heart, second to Costco).

We recently found that our Shop Rite also carries a delicious 100% whole wheat, for about the same cost as the TJ's.  

Thank you Luigi Vitelli!!!!!!

I started to make my own bread.  I borrowed a bread machine and I love it!  The bread has 7 ingredients in it.  It takes no time to put together and my kids love it.  It does however use 3 cups of flour. Whole Wheat flour can get pricey.  It's about $1/pound at my Shop Rite.  I can go through a 5 lb. bag in 2 weeks, easily.  That makes about 2 loaves of bread and a double batch of each pancakes and waffles - don't worry, I'll post these recipes soon.  Enter Restaurant Depot!  My Dad & I went there around Christmas.  It's the coolest place!  Next time you are in a restaurant, look around, everything you see can be purchased at Restaurant Depot.  Including, whole wheat flour... a 50 lb. bag for $18.88 (which now has a happy home in my laundry room!).  

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