Monday, February 28, 2011

Life Happens

We had a horrible food weekend.  We had a trip to the diner, Girl Scout cookies, cupcakes and munchkins.  All treats that would normally be spread out over a week or two were consumed in one 24 hour period.  

My daughter couldn't take it all, she threw up.  It was a mess.  (Big apology to my friend's car. :( )  

This just shows me that I am so right in not giving my kids junk.  I think of how we used to eat and this was a "normal" weekend.  I'm not glad she threw up, but I am glad that she showed me I really do need to pay extra attention to what they are all eating and I AM doing the right thing by balancing and giving treats in moderation.  
Some may say I'm mean by doing this.  I see myself as the only defense my kids have against a life of obesity, bad eating habits, so many weight related diseases and of course, vomit.  

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